Our wide range of loaves are always changing and evolving, but here are our crowd favourites and everyday staples;

  • Wholemeal loaf
  • White loaf
  • Country grain loaf
  • White Oz (sesame) loaf
  • Wholemeal Oz (sesame) loaf
  • White Vienna 
  • Double Country grain loaf 


    While all of our bread is made with care and passion, these breads...well they have a little something extra. If you're lucky enough to be here when the bakers whip some up then do not miss your chance and grab some before they go!

    • White Sourdough Vienna
    • Spelt Sourdough Vienna
    • Sourdough Baguettes 


    Our everyday range of rolls include;

    • White rolls seeded or plain
    • Knot rolls 
    • Wholemeal rolls
    • Country grain rolls
    • Long rolls 

    Portuguese Rolls


    If you want something a bit more filling or need a quick lunch box filler then we have the answer.

    Pizza Rolls

    • BBQ chicken 
    • Savoury 
    • Meatlovers

    Cheese and Bacon rolls

    Cheese rolls

    Cheese and Vegemite


    • Savoury
    • Tomato & Onion
    • Garlic & Cheese
    • Spinach ricotta